Aluminum delSol Antenna Block Off Plate-Brushed and beadblasted-Laser engraved "delSol" on Top plate-Laser engraved "delSol" on Keychain-wrench-Included:*Top plate*Bottom plate*Aluminum keychain wrench for dismounting stock antenna.*Mounting Hardware (Rubber seal not included.Use your stock antenna seal with aluminum Block off plate)CAUTION!!!When mounting Blockoff plate tighten the nuts just enought to see the rubber seal compress, tightening too much will break the screw and its not under warranty.
Anodized finish should be cleaned using mild soap solutions to retain its original beauty. Products that are safe for use with bare hands including most commercial cleaning products can be safely used. The cleaning solution should be applied with a soft cloth, sponge or brush. Avoid the use of strong acid or alkali cleaners.

Honda DelSol (1992-1998) Aluminum Antenna Block Off Plate

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